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SEO Tips by Penny

SEO Tips by Penny


New websites are hard to rank in Google. It's a fact. So many positive ranking factors are a function of age that it's fundamentally more difficult to rank new websites. Older, more established business have far more ranking authority.

The ranking authority of the website can be broken  into domain level; domain authority and page level; page authority. The ability of a page to rank well in Google is, in part, a function of its page authority. New websites start with zero authority.

So, how can we increase the page authority of a particular page?

Links. Both internal and external links. Internal links will help pass around the authority of the domain to the internal pages. External links can pass on some of the authority of the linking website. The 'better' the website the link is coming from, the more authority it will have. Getting a link from www.news.com.au will have far more clout than getting a link from www.theatticism.com even though they're both concerned with news and both leaders in their field. News is just a far more important website, it has more links and a higher authority.


The truth is, not many. But it depends on your industry and how competitive the keywords you are targeting are. It should be easy to find the first 100 links and here's where's to look:

1) Search the business owners / directors names and then gain links from those web pages that are already featuring the owners.

2) Social media including FourSquare, Pinterest, You Tube, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, Tumblr are all easy to set-up.

3) Search competitors and see where they have links

4) Type the service or industry along with "URL:directory". eg. Hairdressers URL:directory. This will show all the directories which can list the businesses in your industry.

5) Ask your web designer to feature you in their portfolio section.

6) Offer to do a testimonial on another website.

7) Get added to all the business directories / citations. eg. Yellow pages, True Local & Yelp etc. We have access to over 100 of these sites but being listed on the major ones like Yellow Pages is fine.

8) Write a guest blog or article on a related businesses website. Potentially someone in your referral sphere. One fun way to get a link on someone else's site back to yours is to offer a stat. Let's say you're a mortgage broker and you're looking to get a link on a buyer's agent website. The buyer's agent may already have a published blog article on something relating to mortgages but the information may be a little incomplete. The mortgage broker can offer a quote, stat or expertise, to help the original blog writer improve their content and reference where the stat came from.


This is a great way to rank for your brand name when your website has no ranking authority. Rather than displaying your website as part of the organic results, the knowledge panel displays a mini page on the right hand side. 

It's free and easy to do: https://www.google.com/business/ 


Page titles, headings and image alt tags will make a big difference. 

Here's a really good example of a perfectly optimised webpage. And when we say optimised, we mean optimised for a certain keyword. In this case "Immigration Agent" on the page: K&T Legal.

The target keyword is in:

  • URL
  • Headings (make sure these are h1 and h2 as opposed to just larger fonts)
  • Within the content approx 6 - 12 times but don't over-do it 
  • Image have "alt text" that uses the keywords



Google loves great, complete content that can satisfy multiple user queries in one go. 

Here, AMK Dental give us a great example of comprehensive content on teeth whitening. Not only does it say that this service is available but it goes into some detail about how it works, the science, what happens during a consultation, there's a video explaining it and some considerations / FAQs. .

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