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Creative Lighting

Creative Lighting

Diemme custom lighting

Custom lighting for large establishments such as shopping centres, sports’ clubs, RSLs or casinos, requires a different approach. Lighting should not only be functional, it should also draw customers in and make them want to stay.

Lighting should enhance the space creating an experience that is welcoming, comfortable and inspiring.

When you need custom lighting for establishments such as this, you want the convenience of a lighting supplier that can manage the end-to-end process. Diemme, designs, manufactures and installs bespoke lighting for large scale projects all over Australia. From custom design through to installation, Diemme can provide a solution.

Their philosophy is to create beautiful, bespoke lighting which is suited to each unique establishment.

Diemme are leading lighting manufacturers and installers who work closely with architects and designers to create a lighting system that achieves and often exceeds your expectations.

Why Diemme?  

They streamline the process of bespoke lighting design.

Design. Working closely with you from your initial concept, they create a unique lighting design that achieves your goals.

Manufacturing. They have the staff and the equipment to produce your unique design on time and to budget.

Installation. Their lighting installation team ensures every piece of your finished lighting designed is correctly installed, safely and efficiently.

Diemme specialises in creating custom lighting for large scale projects and we thrive on the challenge each one presents us.

Shopping centres

Shopping centre lighting is essential to creating a positive atmosphere and experience for customers. Shopping centres are becoming larger and more complex, so you need a lighting manufacturer that has the team, facilities and processes to complete the project from start to finish. We focus on creating lighting that creates an inviting and comfortable atmosphere which encourages customers to stay longer. With our shopping centre lighting designs, our clients know they are getting a team who can design, manufacture and install custom lighting that will simply transform their centre. 

Custom casino lighting

As the popularity of casinos in Australia increases, so does the expectation of how each looks and feels. Casinos have become synonymous for extravagant décor and stunning architectural lighting. Patrons now have an expectation that they are going to be wowed by opulence and spectacle, so lighting design requires a company with expertise, experience and vision. We take pride in designing, manufacturing and installing stunning and unique lighting designs and have done so for many of Australia’s casinos. 

Sports’ clubs and RSL’s

Sports’ clubs and RSC’s are an integral part of communities all over Australia, attracting huge numbers of patrons every day. Diemme design large scale lighting installations which are unique to each sport’s club and RSC. We work with our clients to ensure the lighting solution we create suits the purpose of each establishment and creates a relaxing, welcoming experience for the patrons. 

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